Do you want to carry out your business event implementing environmental and sustainable practices and thus contribute to the conservation of our planet?


Discover the important benefits of organizing a low environmental impact corporate event for your company from the social, economic, logistical and branding point of view.

Are you up to the challenge?


Would you like to organize an event committed to a greener world by applying the latest digital tools at your disposal and betting on the paperless concept?

Do you want an event that adds positively to your corporate image and reputation by associating values such as environmental responsibility, efficiency, ethics and collaboration?

You think that being sustainable will be a differentiating element that will increase the competitiveness values of your company in a market that, beyond a fashion, is much more sensitive to the care of the environment.

You don’t have the time to search for the concept of the event, select suppliers, review contracts and coordinate the day.

Don’t worry, at Nature Elements you can delegate all the aspects of the design, execution and coordination of your corporate event with an added concept based on sustainability aligning to your business values and vision of the environment.

You will only have to follow the steps and recommendations that I will give you to create an inspiring and impressive corporate event

You will enjoy an impeccably organized planning process and an expert team of organizers who will create your event in detail

You want your event to be sustainable taking into account collaboration with local suppliers, reduction of CO2 emissions, use of biodegradable and compostable materials, waste sorting and recycling, replacement of paper with digital accreditations, among others

And if that wasn’t enough, you will create awareness among your guests and reinforce your corporate reputation in your sector by spreading a green message in line with your business vision

In my corporate events service I work with a budget adapted to the needs of each client. After having a meeting to get to know each other, I will send you a customized proposal and an estimate based on the ideas and services discussed.

First contact by Zoom video conference  

Meeting in person after the signature of the contract

Advice on and management of sustainable suppliers

Technical visit, venue management and floor plan

Accompaniment to meetings with suppliers

Budget and supplier contract management

Unlimited face-to-face and virtual meetings

Post-event analysis

Guest Registration

Marketing and communication assistance for the event

Elaboración del cronograma del evento detallado

Complete event coordination

A team composed of professional Event Planners and 1 Assistant for every 50 guests.



The cost of accommodation, travel, transportation and meals during visits and the day of the event are not included.

The number of staff will vary depending on the number of guests or the needs of the event.


What is a low environmental impact event?

A low environmental impact event is an event that seeks to produce the least negative impact possible on its surroundings. Waste generation, food production, recycling and CO2 emissions from transportation are the main aspects to consider when organizing a sustainable event.

Do you only work in Catalonia and Asturias?

I specialize in sustainable events in Catalonia and Asturias but if you are interested in holding a sustainable event in another place, please contact me at and we will send you our proposal.

What benefits can a low environmental impact event bring to my company?

Organizing a sustainable corporate event brings a number of benefits to the company. Beyond minimizing the negative impact on the common good, it reinforces the reputation of a brand, provides competitive differentiation, saves a considerable amount of money and resources. It also raises awareness and educates those attending the event on sustainability. My mission is to advise organizations that wish to change the way they carry out their corporate events with sustainable practices and make better use of their resources.

 Can a zero waste event be organized?

It is necessary to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% sustainable event but small acts in our celebrations can contribute a lot to the preservation of the ecosystem. The eco-friendly trend is here to stay but there is still a long way to go and it requires everyone’s collaboration – even your guests will thank you for it!

Is it more expensive to organize a sustainable event than a standard one?

A sustainable event is not necessarily more expensive than a standard event.  There are more and more spaces, caterers and suppliers that offer competitive solutions and the demand of companies that are willing to reduce the generalized consumption of resources in their celebrations is growing.