Do you dream of having an eco conscious destination wedding committed to the planet in spain at your fingerprints?

Discover how to organise a Destination Wedding adapted to your own style and respectful with the environment from the comfort of your own home

Eco Destination Weddings in Catalonia and Asturias


Do you dream of celebrating a wedding in Spain committed to a more sustainable world but you don’t know where to start or find providers?

You feel that what you really want to do is a big party that celebrates your love and the love you feel for your guests.

You want to organise a wedding that breaks with the rules, that adapts to your unique style and that evokes nature.

You have attended events, festivals and even other weddings and you are tired of witnessing throwaway culture.

And the worst thing of all is that you don’t have the time to organise it, surf the net for hours and hours without quick results or guarantees.

Don’t worry, I’m here to bring your ideas to life, I firmly believe in my commitment to deliver the perfect wedding for you and our planet.

That is why I have designed an Eco Destination Wedding Service. Organising a sustainable wedding is indeed possible, whether it is a festival style wedding, lasting a full weekend, or an intimate ceremony in a secret forest, the adventure starts here!

There here are infinite ways to be more sustainable without having to make sacrifices to celebrate the Destination Wedding of your dreams.
You will only have to follow the steps and recommendations that I will give you by video Zoom conference to enjoy this adventure together in an easy and responsible way.

You will enjoy an impeccably organized remote planning process hand in hand with a team of sustainability experts who will curate every detail of your wedding

You will collaborate with local suppliers and craftsmen, avoid the waste of leftover food and you will be able to give a second life to the floral decoration of your wedding

And if that’s not enough, you will raise awareness among your guests and enjoy a beautiful sustainable wedding knowing that you are helping change the world

Imagine for a moment that you could organise your dream wedding from distance, full of your own personality in the purest green living style


Someone to advise you and help you put all your ideas to get something very yours, natural and that breaks molds

That instead of worrying about contacting all the suppliers, you have a single contact person to whom you can delegate all the work and will look after you 

That you could do your bit on your big day thanks to the three R’s – reduce, recycle and reuse. And, above all, plastic free!

Finally you could enjoy the whole process of this adventure together online, designed under some basic principles of respect for the environment, enjoy your love and the love that your guests feel for you

In my comprehensive remote sustainable wedding service I usually invest about 150 hours per wedding. I usually work with a budget adapted to the needs of each couple. After a Zoom video conference to get to know each other, I will send you a customized proposal based on the ideas and services discussed.

Generally our Nature Elements Destination Wedding service includes:

First contact by Zoom conference

2 hours planning meeting after signing the contract

Advice and management of sustainable and reliable suppliers

Unlimited online meetings according to the couple’s agenda

Technical visits of the venue (if possible with the couple, otherwise I would make videos for them) 

Zoom conference meetings with suppliers 

Budget and suppliers contract management 

Preparation of your Wedding Book

Preparation of the complete detailed day or weekend schedule

Decoration assembly and supervision for the venue

Complete day or weekend wedding coordination

Team formed by Wedding Planner and 1 Wedding Assistant for every 50 guests

Unlimited contact by email

NOt included:

The costs of diets, accommodation, travel, transport and meals during visits and the wedding day are not included

The staff will vary depending on the number of guests

The Nature Elements decorative materials may vary depending on the service required and time of year

This service is for you if:


You want to enjoy the whole process of organizing your wedding free of stress, offering you the best options according to your tastes and budget, and dedicating the minimum number of hours possible to the process with support along the entire journey.

You are committed to leading a sustainable lifestyle and you are committed to making sure that this is reflected in your wedding day.


This service is not for you if:


You consider a Wedding Planner is an expense rather than an investment. 

You believe that the planet has no expiration date and we can continue with the consumerist modus vivendi that pursues us every day including our most precious celebrations.


In all the weddings that I organize I closely collaborate with associations in charge of delivering the surplus food to charity canteens as well as the flowers donated to nursing homes or hospitals


What is a sustainable wedding?

A sustainable wedding is an event that aims to produce the least possible environmental impact on its surroundings. The generation of generic waste, food waste, recycling and transport CO2 emissions are the main aspects to consider.

Do you only work in Catalonia and Asturias?

I am specialized in alternative, sustainable and timeless weddings in Catalonia and Asturias. If you are interested in having a sustainable wedding in another Spanish region or country, please contact me at and we will send you our proposal. 

Is it more expensive to organize a sustainable wedding than a standard one?

A sustainable wedding is not necessarily more expensive than a standard wedding.  More and more venues, caterers and suppliers are offering sustainable services with competitive solutions and the number of couples that are willing to reduce the general consumption of resources in their celebrations is growing.

Why should I hire you when I can organize my own wedding?

Imagine delegating the 400 hours on average that it takes to organize your wedding, living the experience of organizing it from a distance without stress  and not having to take care of any worries on the Big day other than enjoying it. This is where a Wedding Planner comes in, we make a job that is actually very complex look simple. Especially when the couples live abroad.

If you are not sure how a Wedding Planner can help you, or what assistance you need exactly, I would love to discuss the overview of your wedding planning with you and discuss the areas in which you feel confident and where you would like help.

Can a zero waste wedding be organized?

It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% sustainable event, but small acts in our celebrations can contribute a lot to the preservation of our ecosystems. The eco-friendly trend is here to stay but there is still a long way to go and it needs everyone’s collaboration – even your guests will thank you for it!

How exactly  are eco-friendly weddings decorated?

We create natural, rustic and sustainable environments using recycled decorative elements, vintage ornamentation, wild flowers and natural fabrics. Mixing timeless elegance and contemporary style with our sustainable ethos we create exquisitely personal celebrations.

What makes Nature Elements different from other Wedding Planner companies?

Nature Elements is the first company to offer eco-friendly weddings in Catalonia and Asturias adapted to the personality and style of each couple. A sustainable wedding can attract all types of couples, from the bohemian couple to those looking for a more elegant wedding with non-harmful elements for our planet.

My mission is to advise those couples who wish to act in a sustainable way on their wedding day. We specialize in alternative weddings with a natural style that are decorated with care and detail.

Let’s get to know each other!


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